Must haves!

1. High quality inkjet printer for all surfaces IKONMAC E18+  

E18+ is a new in England produced ink-jet industrial printer, which makes printing on trade goods and packaging easy and simple. The printer is easy to set up, (only 10 minutes) no need of integrations to your existing pc equipment and it prints on literally all surfaces, from paper to plastic, foil, aluminum as well as other absorbing and non-absorbing surfaces. Printer prints from 1 to 16 lines with typing fonts from 2mm to 18mm. Its possible to print also barcodes and logos!. UBS connection makes data transfer easy! Printing speed is up to 85 m per minute!



2. Multi purpose pump-depositor for food BELSPOT 1000
Unipump 1000
• stainless steel pump for gentle transfer of product from the storage tank into a hopper of your depositor or can be connected directly to the depositor instead of hopper.

• pneumatic up/down power-lift system to put the transfer tube easily in and out the bowl or storage tank.

• stainless steel depositor, adjustable volume 100cc-1050cc

• perfect filling result; gentle on product; customized solutions;

• unique universal design (pump and depositor in the same body); resistant for t° -8°/+100°;

• easy to install, to use, to clean - minimum experience required; easy speed

adjustment; ergonomic design;